Varta V10GA Alkaline LR54
Varta V10GA Alkaline LR54

Varta Alkaline LR54 - V10GA Knoopcel

VARTA Alkaline batterijen zijn kwikvrij en ideaal voor veel verschillende toepassingen die een langdurige energievoorziening vereisen, van speelgoed, verlichting en insulinepompen tot uw garagedeur-opener en nog veel meer!

Tevens bekend als LR54, LR1130, G10A, V10GA, KA54, 189-1, RW89, L1131, GP89A, 189, 389A, 390A, AG10, D189


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VARTA | Special Batteries

The name VARTA - a synonym for German engineering and quality! As a battery manufacturer, we focus on the location-factor Germany and on the quality of our batteries which is greatly valued worldwide since the beginning of our more than 130 years old tradition.

VARTA is offering the widest electronics- and button cell assortment in the market and can match nearly every device- or consumer requirement. See for yourself and check out our quality assortment in battery-powered devices as key-fobs, calculators, cameras, remote controls, battery-powered toys, gamepads/controllers, computer mice, radios, flashlights, body scales, medical devices, thermometers, garage door openers, electronic sports-gear and many more!

VARTA button cells and special batteries come in a wide array different sizes: AAAA, LR1, V27A, V13GA, V23GA, CR2032, CR2450, CR2016, CR1220, CR1225, CR2430, CR1616, CR1620, CR123A, CR2, CR1/2AA, V28PX, V4034, V76PX, V625U, CR1/3N, V28PXL, V364, V377, V371, V394.

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Varta Alkaline LR54 - V10GA Knoopcel

Geschikt voor o.a. kleine afstandsbedieningen 1,5 Volt 70 mAh